The Lost Boys

For his debut album, The Lost Boys, Sam enlisted the talents of Ciaran Algar (fiddle) and Graham Coe (cello) to help his songs reach their full potential. It seemed to work as the following year Sam was awarded the prestigious Horizon Award for emerging artists at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. The guys release their first full length album, Pretty Peggy, on Navigator Records in November 2017, with the added talents of Toby Shaer on flutes and whistles and Archie Churchill-Moss on melodeon. With a mix of youthful exuberance and instrumental virtuosity, The Lost Boys breathe new life into traditional music, letting it rub shoulders with contemporary originals and even the occasional surprise rock cover, and have quickly become one of the most popular festival bands on the UK folk festival scene.

Ruth Notman and Sam Kelly

Ruth Notman is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Nottingham. Her first album, Threads, was released in 2007 and sent shockwaves through the UK folk scene and beyond, selling over 10,000 copies, inspiring a generation of young folk singers and garnering the kind of media attention seldom reaped by folk artists. Sam has teamed up with Ruth to form an exciting duo project. The two signed a record deal with Kate Rusby’s legendary Pure Records and recorded their debut album with producer Damien O’Kane for release in March 2019. More info HERE

Sam Kelly & Jamie Francis

Sam writes and arranges most of his material with his main musical collaborator, flat-mate, personal chef and manservant - Jamie Francis. After meeting at university in Brighton in 2010 and discovering a common interest in roots music, Sam and Jamie began playing together in a folk band, with Jamie (a guitar player first and foremost) deciding to learn to play the banjo because Sam was already the guitarist. They also performed at many open mics and venues as a duo, performing original, folk and blues songs. Naturally, the lives of two young musicians who have absolutely no idea what they´re doing became choc-full of many colourful experiences (including Sam auditioning for ITV´s Britain´s Got Talent whilst in London for a gig, and ending up getting all the way to the final). They still perform together at folk clubs, venues and festivals, performing inventive interpretations of tunes and songs in between (occasionally) funny anecdotes and stories of their misadventures.

The Changing Room

His love for Irish gaelic led Sam on to exploring other celtic languages, namely Cornish - one of the most endangered languages in the world. He co-formed the Cornwall-based collective The Changing Room along with song-writer Tanya Brittain, and they began working with Cornish language expert Dr Ken George to write exciting new folk-infused songs in the Cornish language. This partnership has received national acclaim, attracting guest musicians of the highest calibre including Jon Cleave (Fisherman's Friends) and John McCusker, and after numerous features on Radio 2 and Radio 3, Sam became the first person ever to sing in Cornish on National Radio - generating a huge surge of interest in the largely forgotten language. The Changing Room represented Cornwall at the international Pan Celtic song competition in Derry in April 2015 and took the contest by storm, winning all three categories that they were entered in - Best Original Song, Best Traditional Song, and Best Traditional Band. They have released two full length albums and numerous EPs, their most recent album ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ being released in August 2016.

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The Company of Players

Inspired by the likes of The Elizabethan Sessions and The Full English, The Company of Players is a contemporary folk collective set up by Jess Distill of Said The Maiden. The purpose of the collective is to write, record and perform songs inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, as 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death. Alongside Sam, the project features the talents of emerging folk artists Said The Maiden, Lukas Drinkwater, Kelly Oliver, Chris Cleverley, Kim Lowings, Minnie Birch, and Daria Kulesh. The Company of Players promises to be a very exciting new project, having already been championed by the likes of Mike Harding, and will result in a full album recording, release and tour in early 2017

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Kitty Macfarlane

Sam is also a keen producer, he has co-produced all his releases to date, and recorded a large amount of The Lost Boys himself. He teamed up with co-producer and university pal Joshua Franklin (WEBSITE) to record and produce the debut EP from Somerset singer-songwriter Kitty Macfarlane and was released to wide acclaim in spring 2016. Sam also co-recorded and co-produced Kitty’s debut full length album – Namer Of Clouds, which was one of the top folk releases of 2018.

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Seth Lakeman

Sam was the guitarist in Seth Lakeman’s band at various festival shows throughout 2016.

John McCusker

Sam played guitar and bouzouki in John McCusker’s band for various shows in 2017.

Heidi Talbot

Sam joined Heidi’s band for various shows in 2017.

Phil Beer & Friends

Sam played guitar and bouzouki in Phil Beer’s band in winter 2016.

The Ballad of the Great War - 1917

Sam was asked to provide music for this special programme alongside Kris Drever, John McCusker, Jez Lowe and more - which first aired on November 11th 2017.

Geoff Lakeman

Sam appeared on Geoff Lakeman’s debut album ‘After All These Years’ in 2016, playing guitar and adding his vocals to the choruses, alongside a legendary folk cast including the likes of Nic Jones, Seth Lakeman, Cara Dillon, Kathryn Roberts and Jim Causley.

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

Sam appeared on Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman’s 2018 album Personnae singing backing vocals.